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My Summary

Hi everyone! My name is Angie Rose Lee and I am 22 years old. Over the past eleven years (2008) I have had leukemia 3 times, received 2 bone marrow transplants and just recently received a double lung transplant (March 30, 2019)! I have gone through treatment in Canada and the United States at five different hospitals. The road has been long and difficult, but today I am cancer-free and breathing with new lungs!

The purpose for selling my bracelets is to raise funds for the organizations and hospitals that have helped me along the way. I also want to create awareness about bone marrow and organ donation. The more donors we have, the more lives that can be saved. When my cancer returned in 2012, my oncologist told me I would need a bone marrow transplant. The world database was checked and there was no match for me. I had to continue chemotherapy and hope a match would come my way. This is why it is so important to be swabbed as you could be a possible match for someone and save a life. I also want to spread the word about organ donation. I waited for my lung transplant for almost 2 years. There just aren’t enough donors and so many waiting for transplants of all kinds. One donor can save up to 8 lives.

I never once thought this would happen to me. But it did. I was an active, healthy kid, and an outgoing teenager. I loved sports of all kinds – gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, tae kwon doe, and on and on. My friends and I loved the weekends and late summer nights!

I’m grateful for being here but its been a struggle to say the least. I salute all the health care professionals who treated me with kindness and respect. A big thank you to friends who stuck by me and of course.. my family 🙂

On a side note, there are many things I have left out-details about operations, procedures, medicines, feelings/emotions. So much has happened in the past 11 years that it would impossible to cover it all. I’ve kept my story as short as I can so more people can read it without being overloaded with too much information.

I’ve tried to mention the main points of my journey but if anyone has questions for me, is going through a similar experience, or just wants to say hi I am always here to talk or text!