Okay okay, so I guess I was only a baby of three when it was the 90’s BUT i feel I still belong in that era! Or at least the 2000’s. Sure, I’m a hypocrite (as I write this blog) for saying this but I liked the times better where everyone hated their parents and wanted to rebel! There was no Facebook or instagram to get “likes” and feel less about yourself. Things were simpler, kids were had thicker skin and most importantly, the music was good. Blink 182, Weezer, Sum 41, Simple Plan, The Killers, Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance, the list goes on! I’ve been so lucky lately to see a few of these bands make their “comeback” tour. Playing all their greatest hits brings me back to my childhood before all my health problems started, where I was in competitive gymnastics and raking leaves on the side with my best friends. $2 a lawn and we still got denied. SMH.

TV was good too, Radio Free Roscoe, Malcolm in the Middle, Fear Factor, I mean what happened to shows like this? Are they not allowed to be aired anymore? I’m so confused. I just know I’m tired of sitcoms with laugh tracks and beautiful families. Like lets get real.