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An inside look at my life the past 13 years battle cancer 3 times, having 2 bone marrow transplants, being the 10th patient to receive CAR T cell therapy, a stroke and a double lung transplant 

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I created this website through the eyes of a young girl sharing her cancer and lung transplant journey and also of a young adult dealing with its aftermath. It offers a light reference to anyone seeking more medical information but mostly it is my story of hope and resilience. Cancer has taken so much from me but I am still lucky and grateful to be here.  Knowing I could affect change or help others in all kinds of tough situations would be the silver-lining in my own journey.



There are SO many organizations that do not get enough funding to operate and rely only on donations. I started making bracelets to contribute to these non-profit organizations that put on events, classes, host get together and create an environment for cancer/transplant patients. Click here to learn more about these organizations, and below to shop my bracelet collection!


One thing i've come to learn is you can't always plan out life. you have to roll with the punches and take things day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute .

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